” ‘Hybrid’ was the unofficial name of this model when we started working on this project. We wanted to find the tone that is unique by eliminating the limitation of each individual tone wood. Being creative and exploring alternatives were our top priority. We’ve studied how the woods and bracing patterns affect the tones and always looked for the so-called “ideal tone”. The process of making this ukulele was to achieve the unseeable things – the Rebel tone. We made a hypothesis, tested it, and proved it. We did it by trial and error again and again! Just like a chef looked for a new taste in each dish he made, he tasted the dish when it was fully cooked.”  “This process reminded us of the fine line between a fairy tale and science – the dream and the reality.


The thought that switches between these two domains was surprisingly intrigued. It was like a river flowing through. We wanted to be at the junction of the river that connects the old ages with the coming future. The picture of ‘Alchemists’ slowly appeared in our mind as they played a significant role in the development of early modern science – the dawn of the new era. While the rest of world were still in the dark, the alchemists slowly pushed the world forward. We honor them as they were the very first group of “rebels” the world has ever known. We stand on the shoulders of giants. We give credit to those who come before us. Those who had added to human knowledge, making it possible for us to make new discoveries. Hence, the official name of this model “Alchemists” is our hope to play a part of transition our generation to the future.”

Specification Size: Tenor / Top: Koa|Mango|Koa / Back and Sides: Indian Rosewood / Scale: 17-3/32” / Fretboard: 19-Fret / Neck: Mahogany with 3-stripe Maple / Nut & Saddle: TUSQ / Headplate: Ebony / Headstock Rebel Logo: Woods Inlay / Internal Bracing: Varied / Fretboard & Bridge: Ebony / Fret Markers (Rebel Signature): Maple Inlay / Fret Stripe: Ebony / Side Sound Ports / Beveled Armrest / Heel Cap: Maple / Tuners: Gotoh Geared Tuners / Finish: High-Gloss