Concert Size / All Solid Mahogany / Ebony Fretboard and Bridge / Mahogany Concert Neck / “Butterfly” Wood Inlay on Fretboard /

Maple  Binding / The Rebel Headstock wood Inlay / Friction Tuners / High-Gloss Finish. The completed custom fretboard “BOW”

All butterflies fly in the formation of B chord. That represents letter B. The right wing of the 3rd butterfly from the top on the 3th fret made

of red wood and in the shape of letter B. The flower on the 5th fret represents the letter O and made of redwood. The grasses on the ground

form the shape of letter W and made of redwood. The branches of the left flower are on the 7th fret. The flower on the right is on the 10th

and its branches are on the 12th. Grasses are on the 15th. 9 different types of wood were used to create this fretboard. Cheers!