Tenor Size / All Solid Curly Koa /  The Rebel Slotted Headstock Mother of Pearl Inlay / Ebony Head Plate / Mahogany Tenor

Neck / Ebony Binding / Ebony Fretboard & Bridge Maple Inlay / Custom “PLERN” (It read “Plern” in Thai language) Maple

Fretboard Inlay / Maple Ebony (Blood Wood with W/B/W trim Binding) Joint & Heel / L.R. Baggs Five-O Pickup / Hi-Gloss Finish.

This one is an all solid koa top, back and side. We used the master grade curly koa not only does it look good, it gives a nice resonant sound, original to the ukulele sound we’re all familiar with. The scale length for this tenor is 17 inches. First, Pee Yo and I discussed about what to put on the fretboard. I asked what Plern likes. He said flowers, music, ukulele, etc. So I incorporated the idea of musical notes (symbols), staff lines, and her name on the fretboard. It read “Plern” in Thai language. The inlay is made of Maple wood and the fretboard itself is ebony. I’m happy with the contrast of the wood choices.

The tap tuning technique was used to tune the top. The ebony binding added some character to the uke as it not only makes the uke outline popped, it also added the strength to the overall structure. The butt joint, heel cap and w/b/w/b purfling all increased the aesthetic aspects of design. The three-ring maple rosette added to the sound hole making this uke look more interesting.

The bracing inside the ukulele has been modified from our regular (or production model) to get the stiffness we want. This allow the top to vibrate freely and produce nice tone. The base sound is usually lack on the ukulele but this is not the case. The curved and arched back contributed to the sound and sustain of this uke.

Aloha Sawaddee krub. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Pee Yo, my good friend and Baan Uklele’s VIP customer for his continued support. He asked if I could write up a short story about how this THE REBEL custom ukulele was built.

Pee Yo’s daughter, Plern, is such an avid ukulele player. She has competed in many ukulele contests around Bangkok area and make several appearance on stages. Pee Yo really wanted to get his daughter a custom tenor that would fit her playing style. This ukulele is going to be a gift for his daughter.

I would describe the sound as articulated, sweet and full. Harmonics can be heard clearly on the 12th fret and it fits the owner’s playing style very well. She mainly plays finger style which is very delicate and requires accuracy of the notes. The compensated saddle was used for this purpose as well.

The high-gloss finish we used makes the appearance of this uke even more beautiful under the light. The flamed koa really shines. The deep and shallow pattern of the grain is almost 3D like. We spent time to get the finish right and it’s all worth it.

In all, I couldn’t be happier with the result. Cheers to the first THE REBEL slotted head – Plern’s custom tenor!

Cr. Maysa Hawaii