The Rebel Ukulele Gig Bags:

The Bright Flash


This is the work that influenced by a question “Why instrumental gig bags have to be so plain and boring?” The need to create gig bags that could be a part of our daily lifestyle was born. The requirement for this project was to create a bag that is fun to use and fun to look at. So we put an active sport lifestyle into the mix. For those bikers, they could be easily spotted on the road with the vibrant color of the bag. Tennis and badminton players will feel at home with this bag. It’s a fun project to work with.

 The Bright Flash is named to reflect our thinking process of “Form Follows Function” that doesn’t necessary has to be boring.


Modern Bag Graphic Design


  • Inside Velvet 
  • Outside Nylon 
  • Metal D-Ring 
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap 
  • Neck Cushion Support with Small Inside Pocket 
  • Removable Velcro Bottom Support (Soprano/Concert only)


Soprano/Concert Size 

Inside Width:
20 cm. Length: 6.5 cm. Height: 61 cm.
Outside Width:
24 cm. Length: 9.5 cm. Height: 65 cm.