N.E.O 2  (Not Even Original Project II)


Same as the first project. “It is better to be good than to be original” “Not Even Original” is because it’s not just an original. It’s totally something else. It’s not just a prototype to make more copies after.


It’s the possibility to discover something new from old. For project II, we did the experiment with Cedar and 5 different woods. And it is very exciting. Hope you enjoy.

N.E.O. II (Not Even Original Project)

Serial No. : RC/RW
Specification Size: Tenor / Top: Red Cedar / Back and Sides: Dalbergia oliveri Gamble (Rosewood / tamalin )/ Scale: 17-3/32” / Fretboard: 18-Fret / Neck: Mahogany / Nut & Saddle: TUSQ  / Headplate: Ebony / Slotted Headstock Rebel Logo: Woods Inlay / Internal Bracing: Varied / Fretboard & Bridge: Ebony / Fret Markers (Rebel Signature): Maple wood Inlay / Fret Stripe: Ebony / Top & Back Binding: Millettia leucantha Kurz (Sathon) / Heel Cap: Ebony / Tuners: Gotoh StealthTuners / Finish: High-Gloss