“We wanted to keep it simple yet elegant. We believe simplicity is the timeless elegance.”

“The spruce top and Indian rosewood back and side are chosen for their tone, volume and overall balance.

We adorn the sound hole with Siamese rosewood rosette. Siamese rosewood is exotic and rare and has been in very high demand. It’s said Thailand’s Siamese rosewood forests could be extinct due to demand for luxury furniture in China and illegal logging. (See Link HERE for more info on that) The radius ebony fretboard adds to the comfort of playing. The maple stripes in the neck run through from head to heel to add not only strength but also for visual aesthetics. Other elements add to the overall clean design including the Katana (the Japanese sword)-shaped Siamese rosewood fretboard end.



Fretboard marker is intentionally left blank as to not distract from the overall design and to lead the eye to the fretboard end and rosette. The newly-designed bridge is specially crafted for this model. Curly koa top and back bindings add to the visual. The heel cap partially goes in to the top of the back and forms the shape of a diamond which pays tribute to the meaning of “forever timeless.”

The high quality Gotoh planetary tuners are equipped for smooth tuning and clean look. Baritone is rare and beautiful and elegant baritone’s are even more rare. The name “super normal” maybe contrary to what it is but that’s how The Rebel rolls. We only made five of Supernormal for the first run and intend to keep one for our reference in the future development.”

Specification Size: Baritone / Top: Spruce / Back and Sides:Indian Rosewood / Scale: 19” / Fretboard: 21-Fret / Neck: Mahogany with 3-stripe Maple / Nut & Saddle: TUSQ / Headplate: Ebony / Headstock Rebel Logo: Mother of Pearl Inlay / Internal Bracing: Varied / Fretboard Radius: Ebony / Fret Stripe: Ebony / Bridge Double Layered: Ebony / Rosette & Fretboard End: Siamese Rosewood / Heel Cap (Diamond-Shaped): Maple / Top & Back Binding: Curly Koa with B/W/B / Tuners: Gotoh Planetary (4:1) Tuners / Finish: High-Gloss